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Sell Scrap Metal & Get Cash

We pay top prices for Scrap Copper Bright & Shiny, Copper #1, Copper #2, Copper light, Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Bronze, Insulated Copper Wires and Cables.

We purchase scrap metals / surplus materials from commercial and industrial facilities, construction sites and other organizations.

Today's Scrap Metal Prices can be found on PRICES Page. Pickup is FREE.

Green Recycling provides pick-up service for all types of businesses.

To sell your scrap metal call us and schedule a pickup: (305) 735-9559

  • All trucks are equipped with 2x2 or 4x4 certified scales.
  • All trucks have the ability to weigh and pay at the time of pickup.
  • All payments are made in cash or check if requested.
  • We bring the scrap yard to our customers, providing containers, carts, drums, cages, or boxes for easy metal storage between pick up visits.

We also recycle AC coils, non-magnetic stainless steel, aluminum (corrugated, 60/61, cast, sheet, rims), computers, electric motors, radiators, casings/shells and other scrap materials.

Minimum weight for pickup varies by material.

We do not buy ferrous metals – iron, steel, tin, appliances, galvanized steel shutters, although we can help to remove it. See SERVICES Page.

Green Recycling goal is customer satisfaction and we achieve this by paying competitive prices and providing superior service. We can provide safe, easy pickup with equipment of various sizes and capabilities.

Our staff has years of experience collecting non-ferrous scrap metals.

We can come to your business or warehouse, and recommend effective ways for you to sort, control and sell your unused or surplus metal assets.

Email us: or call: (305) 735-9559

We will be more than happy to discuss your scrap material with you and quote you price over the phone. Send us pictures of your scrap materials and we’ll respond shortly.